Greeting Card Programs

 1.   $1.99 Unwrapped Cards   

 2.   $0.99 Wrapped Cards  (envelope wrapped with card)

 3.   Dual Price system:   combines $1.99 unwrapped &   $0.99 wrapped cards


Gift and Accessory items

    Gift Bags                 Flat Gift Wrap

    Bows                       Roll Gift Wrap

    Curly Bows              Ribbon Kegs

    Tissue                     Packaged Notes


 Seasonal Cards 

  Halloween               Thanksgiving         Christmas

  Valentine's Day       Easter                   Graduation

  Mother's Day           Father's Day         Summer Seasonal

  Professional Assistant's Day                 Boss's Day

Seasonal Gift Items

   Christmas Roll Wrap (Made in USA) & Flat Wrap

   Christmas Bags, bows, tissue, gift tags, pencils,

            stickers and more

   Easter Bags

   Valentine's Day bags

   Graduation bags

   St. Patrick's Day gift items

Stationery Items

   Notebooks              Journals            Stickers

   Memo Pads            Planners           Magnetic list pads

   Calendars               Children's books

   "Kid's Create" line of gift items

The Simple Greeting Card Program

    We at MDS CARDS INC. are committed to providing you, the retailer, with a superior, simple to manage greeting card system, at very competitive pricing where we both profit and the consumer is so satisfied with the purchase that they will be repeat customers. Our motto is If you don't make money, we don't make money, so let's work as partners.

     MDS Cards Inc. started in 1994 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We now supply to approximately 30 states, operating out of a fully staffed warehouse and office with a professional sales team.


    We deliver a wide range of value priced greeting cards and accessories. We have a re-order system that is simple for the retailer to understand and maintain. It is by far the easiest and simplest card system to maintain, re-order and re-stock. Our present customers rave about the ease of maintenance.


     We are a well managed family owned business built on the principles of integrity and of a sincere desire to do all things well.

Dan Struthers, President

   MDS CARDS, Inc.​

MDS Cards
Located in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee.  
We are proud to be one of Chattanooga's greeting card distributors. 
We supply stores with great selections of greeting cards and 
gift accessory items, with many items made in the USA.

Please look through our site to see our products, order online through our Shopping Cart, (a coming attraction on this website under maintenance right now) or contact us for information.

* An all occasion gift bags wholesale distributor

*MDS sells to Retailers with a valid business license

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