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​Butterflies and Beyond
Preparing A Young Child to Cope with Grief or Loss

About the Book

Butterflies and Beyond is a very warm and hope filled book, based on conversations I had with my grandsons over a short period of time.  These exchanges give scientifically accurate information about metamorphosis.  More importantly these same interactions explain death and the new life God has promised us.  In the midst of all this there is a real life situation where a friend of mine dies. (I'm Grammie in the book)  The boys learn what that loss feels like, what a funeral is and what a wonderful plan God has for those who love Him.  What makes it even more special is that it is my grandson (6 years old at the time) who teaches the most wonderful lesson of what it means when we say "good-bye" at a funeral.  The story ends with a beautiful, real-life picture of the promise God gives us of eternal life.  A simple but profound book written for a child, but bringing comfort to an adult as well. 

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